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Solar Panels

Advantages of Solar

The 21st century has dawned with huge technological advances to harness and challenging problems to conquer. Solar energy power is a clean and abundant option that addresses both sides of the equation. To make this a more attractive solution, we can introduce the available options and incentives. The initial investment is not as daunting as it once was. Purchasing the equipment is becoming increasingly more affordable with a tax rebate or credits from a variety of government entities. Manufactures and utility companies are also offering incentives to compel consumers to join the energy savings revolution. This translates into the ROI being realized fairly quickly after installation. Here is a list of six advantages we put together for consideration.

Solar Power Advantages

  • Energy Savings: Once systems are installed, there will be no bills from the utility company. Buy solar appliances such as water heaters for indoors and lighting for lawns and patios outdoors.
  • Revenue Generator: Grid tie systems offer a revenue generating benefit that actually has utility companies cutting checks to consumers. Owners should check with their providers to see if they participate in this type of program. The growing list of states include Kansas, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
  • Live Free From The Grid: Our solar power grid system allows consumers freedom from fluctuating rates and unforeseen power outages. They are also able to build their homes wherever they want without regard to access to a power infrastructure.
  • Reliable Energy Source: The sun will always rise with loads of energy potential that can be stored in batteries or sold to power companies with the grid-tie system. Homeowners need to ensure trees and other obstacles have been removed for panels to receive maximum expose to the sun.
  • Secure and Sustainable Resource: Global warming is an important buzz topic and so is terrorism. For years, governments have warned of the potential for utility infrastructures to come under attack. Solar energy power is not susceptible to outside threats. In addition, sustainability is ensured as sunshine is a renewable energy source. There are zero emissions of greenhouse gases that pollute or destroy the life-sustaining ozone layer.

Solar Power Grid System

Research the solar company to partner with to ensure they can exceed expectations. Our core philosophy is to provide quality products for the long-term and exceptional customer support. Homeowners can invest in three types of systems that cater to personal preferences. Solar power advantages abound in all with a level of unmatched diversity traditional energy sources lack. We have listed them with a synopsis about installation, equipment, and features. A free solar power system quote is a call away.
  • Stand-Alone: This selection was the trend starter with panels or PVs (photovoltaics). They capture direct sunlight and convert it to electrical power for home or business consumption. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) uses an indirect approach to harness sunlight with lenses and mirrors controlled by tracking devices. Equipment has evolved from the early days to smaller dimensions and lighter materials. Newer batteries hold more excess energy in power reservoirs using a smaller design. Wiring, connections, and instructions come with kits that can be a do-it-yourself project. Let us review our inventory today.
  • Grid-Tied: Considered the money maker with its ability to generate, register, and redirect excess energy to utilities. The grid-tie system requires professional installation with local utility companies handling the process. Equipment from our stand-alone inventory is used with this option. They will have a program that interested homeowners can sign-up for. Additional incentives and credits make this an appealing choice.
  • Hybrid Systems: Our solar company believes in a forward-leaning position to help clients use all the available energy sources on the market. We assist homeowners from different parts of the country that have access to biofuel, wind turbines, and diesel resources. The equipment needed still includes PV panel kits with special converters, collectors, and generators.

Tax Rebate

  • Local: Cities offer loan programs to purchase systems with liberal terms such as repayment up to 120 months or zero percent interest. Other financial incentives have a tax rebate as lucrative as $1,000 per system installed. The cities of Orlando and Tallahassee take it further with money paid for kWh in addition to the utility company.
  • State: Names of rebates are different for each state with examples using solar incentive program or energy efficiency rebate program. Another perk for homeowners could include unlimited sales tax or grant programs.
  • Federal: A traditional rebate is not available from the federal government, but generous personal and commercial tax credits are. Grant and loan programs are available that can be used in conjunction with state and local offers. Our expert team has information to share with buyers to plug them into these huge savings. The program covers all the systems we offer making the solar energy power option a win-win scenario.

Energy Savings are only the beginning for homeowners who opt-in for this solution. Let us be the solar company to guide the process to energy independence. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you with all the available solar power advantages

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