Solar Energy - Best Choice?

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Solar can dramatically lower your energy bills, protect you from rising utility rates and get you credit for the power your panels produce!

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Studies show that homes with solar panels have higher property values! They also sell twice as fast as the other houses in the neighborhood.

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Power your home with solar energy using solar panels.


Choosing solar energy to power your home is not only good for the environment, but it can also save you money over time because solar is a renewable resource.

Why Solar Energy

Solar energy rules. Traditional oil, coal and natural gas solutions are being challenged by everything from rising prices to environmental concerns. On the other hand, solar power has grown as a responsible and affordable alternative. Once a new and expensive option, solar energy costs have dropped significantly with the advancement of technology and the increasing support of consumers, businesses and governments. Getting a solar energy quote should be on all our agendas.

Of course, no resource is perfect. While things like dropping solar energy costs are attractive, even renewable solar energy power has a drawback. Still, the overall advantages far outweigh any debits.

Benefits of Solar Energy Power

Solar installation is good for global warming.
Solar power creates electricity that doesn't produce threats like global warming. Research shows solar energy power is one of the most important energy solutions we have. With a solar power quote, you help maximize the sustainability of human society, as well as the continuation of countless species.

The savings cannot be measured.
Solar power costs have the capacity to save billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars. Alongside no apparent ceiling on utility costs, global warming could end up costing trillions of dollars in research and implementation to abate it. Also, solar power costs could save users tens of thousands of dollars, with projections of almost $20,000 over 20 years, depending on region. From the solar power quote to the solar federal tax credit, one can see how the expansion of solar installation would save unmeasured amounts of money.

A solar energy quote is the first step to long-term reliability.
Solar energy power is completely dependent on the rising and setting of the sun, the most reliable natural occurrence no matter where you are in the world. We can precisely time when the sun will rise and fall. We can get fairly accurate projections regardless of weather or season. This makes solar power a source of energy that will never let you down.

There is no better power supply.
The reason that solar installation is a safe investment is because, unlike traditional power options, the sun cannot be monopolized. Companies will never compete over sun power, turning the market into a war with the consumer paying the price. Users will never find themselves choosing between affordable energy suppliers. After the initial solar power costs, users will have the world's most reliable energy resource.

Independence comes with solar power. Once you have solar power, you have freed yourself from dependence on third-parties to ensure the comfort of your spaces. You have a resource for electricity that is yours and yours alone. No one can control it or tell you how to use it. You will no longer have to deal with gas or oil companies and their ever-evolving policies and fees.

Solar energy is good for the economy.
With its fast growing market and affordable solar power costs, solar systems are creating jobs. According to research by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, this industry is creating almost three times more new jobs than natural gas or coal.

This source of energy helps to preserve the world's water.
Nuclear, gas and coal power plants use unbelievable amounts of water. The Virginia Water Resources Research Center released a report that found solar PV is utilizing almost 21 times less water per kilowatt hour of electricity than nuclear power, eight times less water than a combined cycle power plant and 16 times less than coal productions. As one of the key eco-issues of the day is clean water and droughts, making use of solar power is beyond admirable.

The Single Disadvantage to Solar

The power of the sun is not available to us 24 hours a day. Solar PV panels can stop producing electricity when it is heavily shaded, during downpours and at night. At those times, you might need another resource for power. You can look into options for storing electricity produced by a solar installation when you get a solar energy quote.

It should be noted that for most of the populace, we need electricity during the day. That tends to be when we are most active. That's also when electricity usage is at its highest and most expensive. In that regard, solar panels will then be at their most beneficial, saving users with sun-produced electricity.

Solar energy is clean, natural, sustainable and becoming more affordable. It can be used for electricity, heating and cooling, lighting and many other applications. You will see an impressive reduction in utility bills. Besides a generous solar federal tax credit and reasonable solar power costs, there are also a range of local, state and federal programs to help cover a solar energy quote. Environmentally, every user that takes advantage of solar power is helping to save the planet.